Uplift Therapy Journal

Explaining Meltdowns After School

By: Christine Hemelians, MSOT, OTR/L  Does your child have difficulty transitioning during school pick-up? Are pick-ups met with crying, screaming, yelling, pushing, hitting, and so

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The Power of Playdough

By Madison Gwizdalski MS-CCC, SLP Play-dough is an all-time favorite toy at Uplift Therapy Center. Curious about why this toy is a staple for our

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Speech Sound Development 

By Madison Gwizdalski MS, CCC-SLP Do you ever have a difficult time understanding what your child is saying? Do you find them making mistakes for

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Sensory Strategies for Bedtime

By: Christine Hemelians, MSOT, OTR/L  Did you know that difficulties with sensory integration can negatively impact sleep? Close to 30% of children have trouble sleeping;

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Preparing for a Haircut 

By: Christine Hemelians, MSOT, OTR/L Sensory processing disorder affects participation in everyday self-care tasks such as grooming, feeding, and getting dressed. Children who have difficulty

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Sensory diets

Sensory Diets

Does your child having a difficult time focusing? Are they always on the go? Climbing furniture, seeking touch, crashing into objects, placing inedible items in

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Benefits of Social Interaction

As children develop, they start using both verbal and nonverbal communication for a variety of purposes like requesting, commenting, and sharing. By observing and participating

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Feeding Difficulties

By Angela Kurdzhukyan MS, OTR/L Have you ever wondered why your toddler refuses to eat certain foods? Or why they have a limited repertoire of

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Stuttering boy

What is Stuttering?

By Madison Gwizdalski MS-CCC, SLP All of us experience moments of disfluency in our speech. Do you remember a time when you felt stuck or

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Talk like me, mommy!

By Russell Strause, MS-CCC, SLP Have you ever wondered why adults talk to babies as if they were one? Have you caught yourself exaggerating your

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Communication Temptation

By Deanna Sargsyan MS, CF-SLP As a parent, you are your child’s interpreter. You know when they’re hungry, when they want to take a nap,

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Play and language

By Madison Gwizdalski MS-CCC, SLP “Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning.” ~ Mr. Rogers Flashcards, quizzing, educational television shows… it

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Children Were Born Leaders!

By Angela Kurdzhukyan, OTR/L As parents, teachers, and caregivers we are often under the impression that we must always guide children. We tell them what

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Toddler eating apple

Oral Motor Skills  

By Deborah Lee OTR/L Does your child appear to have difficulties with feeding skills such as chewing their solid foods thoroughly or closing their lips

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Benefits of Outdoor play

Benefit of Outdoor Play

By Ani Oganesyan OTR/L Outdoor play is an important occupation for many of our children. Children in general are very active and could benefit from

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Benefits of Sensory Bins

By Ani Oganesyan OTR/L Sensory bins provide an opportunity for hands-on tactile play while engaging the senses. They can stimulate a child’s senses, create new

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Little boy angry at bedtime

Bedtime Battles

By Deborah Lee MS, OTR/L When a child is fighting his or her sleep constantly, not only is their overall quality of life being impacted

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A brain just relaxing!

Brain Breaks

By Ani Oganesyan OTR/L What are brain breaks and why are they so important to an individual’s learning? A brain break is a short, planned

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Bad Behavior or Difficulty Regulating?

By Christine Hemelians, MSOT, OTR/L Emotional regulation allows children the ability to self-calm during stressful or overwhelming situations. In children, issues with emotional regulation are

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Little Girl Building Fine Motor Skills

Building Fine Motor Skills

By Deborah Lee MS, OTR/L Occupational therapy stresses the importance of fine motor skills and here is why! Almost every activity or task that we

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Why is pretend play important?

Let’s Pretend!

By Christine Hemelians MS, OTR/L Picture the younger version of yourself. Now, picture all the times you participated in pretend play as a child; whether

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