Speech & Language Therapy for Children

Uplift Therapy Center works diligently to help parents, children, and families through evidence-based and effective speech therapy practice. Our speech therapists provide consultations, evaluation, and therapy sessions to aid children improve their speech and language skills. We partner with parents and families to create treatment plans that assist children in achieving their goals and address individualized areas of concern.

What is Speech & Language Therapy?

Speech and language therapy, is the field that assesses and addresses issues with communication and speech. Our licensed and knowledgeable team members have specific skills necessary to support young individuals as they develop their speech and language abilities.

The scope of our services encompass a spectrum of areas related to language production, retention, interpretation, and communication. Speech therapy can help your child communicate more clearly and effectively.

Additionally, it improves general social skills, listening skills, and strengthening of weak oral muscles.

Speech therapy can help your child communicate more clearly and effectively.

When Do Children Need Speech Therapy?

Our licensed speech and language therapists will evaluate your child’s needs and provide a therapy plan. We help children of all ages from toddlers who are initially acquiring speech to teens who are struggling with more complex communication needs. Some of the specific situations when your child might be referred to our team include:

What to Expect from Speech & Language Therapy?

Our speech pathologists can effectively assist children to overcome a speech delay or impairment, in addition to improving language comprehension and expression. Some benefits of working with a speech and language pathologist includes:

Receptive and Expressive Language Milestones Checklist

Tracking your child’s speech and language can help you determine if your child is meeting important milestones. You can use this milestone checklist to see if your child is developing as expected or delayed. If your child is delayed, reach out to a speech therapist for an evaluation!

Get in Touch with the Uplift Therapy Center

Uplift Therapy Center provides pediatric therapy services. Our licensed and compassionate team members are here to support families and children of all ages.

If you are not sure whether your child may benefit from our services, call us to schedule a free consultation. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.