About Uplift Therapy Center

Uplift Therapy Center (UTC) is a multidisciplinary team of occupational, speech, and physical therapists founded and led by Talin Yacoubian OTD, OTR/L CAS.

Dr. Talin is passionate about her field and started UTC to assist young individuals and their families to help excel in their everyday life. Dr. Talin founded UTC in 2019 providing in-home services to the pediatric population. Due to the high demand and the large number of positive referrals, in July 2022 UTC expanded to a clinic space in La Cañada, CA.

Uplift Therapy prides itself on the child-centered approach that it takes to providing intervention. At the core of the services we provide is establishing a supporting and trust-worthy relationship between client and clinician that integrates the child’s preferences, interests, and strengths. After getting to know each unique child, our clinicians are able to create goals and select intervention strategies that are tailored to each individual child. We find that this approach fosters feelings of mutual respect between client and clinician, and creates a supportive, inclusive environment for our clients to bloom into their full potential.

We value families, their children, and the communities they represent. UTC strives to achieve life altering results through our collaborative approach.

It’s our mission to provide parents and families with resources to support the growth and development of our young clients at home, in school, and in the community.

UTC takes all the precautionary measures to ensure the health and safety of all its clients. We also offer teletherapy for our clients who are at risk.

Our Clinic is located in La Cañada

Our clinic is a brand new renovation with a sensory gym for your child to develop their senses and motor abilities in a safe environment.

A large open play and multi-functional space designed for children of all abilities to explore and use their various senses in a safe, controlled space.

Our sensory gym features equipment like slides, cushions, rock walls, swings, monkey bars, foam pit, tunnels, castle structures, zip-lines, ninja ramps, trampolines, and jump decks.

We also have private therapy rooms to conduct evaluations, screenings, and one-on-one sessions.

Have a look around!