Parent & Me Classes

Open to all caregivers - parents, grandparents, nannies, and the baby!

Parent and Me classes at Uplift Therapy Center are created and led by occupational, speech and physical therapists that are experts in fostering development, social connection and interaction, and milestones. Engagement in classes encourages physical, social, emotional, cognitive, and psychological health. Babies and caregivers engage in fun and supportive activities in a safe environment.

Have fun with your child, meet other parents, and learn about how to help your child grow and develop. All you need to bring is yourself and the baby! Materials, toys, and snacks are included.

Seed: 6-12 months

This group provides an inclusive and supportive space to nurture babies and help them thrive. Caregivers are supported in understanding their baby’s milestones, including how they move about and communicate in their new world.

Seedling: 12-16 months

This group fosters exploration and engagement with the world through the senses. The activities stimulate the child’s development by talking, playing, singing, reading, and encouraging movement.

Sprout: 16-24 months

This group focuses on promoting developmental milestones for physical and self-care skills, social skills, and play skills. Explore new and complex emotions, pretend play, independence, physical skills, and a lot of new words!

Bud: 24-36 months

This group promotes school readiness through structured and unstructured time, therapist-led activities, and socializing with same-aged peers. Focuses on creativity, imagination, play, and exploration to foster social skills and communication. Activities include sensory play, gross and fine motor movement, art, music, and pretend play.

Parent & Me Class Schedule

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