Springtime Mindfulness

By Erica Gliga, MOT, OTR/L

Springtime is just around the corner and this blog post is all about getting outside, enjoying mindful moments with your littles in nature, and engaging different sensory systems. Nature is filled with so many wonderful sensory experiences and time spent outside can support emotional regulation, for both adults and children.

These mindful moments are here for you and your kids to try when you might be playing in the yard, going on a walk, or at the park/playground. Pick one sensation to focus on for the day and take the time to help describe what different sensations your child might be experiencing from their external environment.


Encourage your child to look around and observe their surroundings. Do the clouds look fluffy today? Are the leaves dancing in the trees? What colors of flowers do you see? Are any critters or furry friends around?

Game to try: Outdoor i-Spy
Find a flower or leaf for each color of the rainbow!
Find and collect a small bouquet of dandelions! Take big deep breaths together and see how many seeds you can blow off. Don’t forget to make a wish.


Encourage your child to listen for a bird chirping, a car zooming by, or the crunching of a leaf under their feet. Is it loud or quiet outside? If you close your eyes, can you hear the wind?


On your next outdoor adventure, try and smell at least 3 different things. It could be flowers, freshly cut grass or head out just after it rains to take in any new scents.


Bark, grass, dirt, sand, oh my! There are many opportunities to touch different textures in nature. Is the bark rough, bumpy, or smooth? Does the grass tickle your legs? Is the thorn on the rose sharp? Is the dirt wet?

The days are getting longer and we hope you can enjoy all of nature’s sensory experiences together!


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