What to Expect

Your Child’s First Occupational Therapy Session

The first occupational therapy session is all about information gathering. During the first session, we’ll talk about your child’s history, which typically includes their birth, past medical interventions, previous therapy experience, and school performance when applicable. Then, we take time to observe your child in free play before performing a clinical standardized assessment of the child’s current skills and abilities. This will be our starting point as we follow your child’s progress. Then, we will discuss your child’s occupational therapy services and create a plan that works to address their needs and achieve specific goals.

The skills they learn with our occupational therapists will stay with your child into their future.

Your Child’s First Speech & Language Therapy Session

A child’s first speech and language therapy session will be very similar to the occupational therapy session described above. The speech pathologist will ask you to complete an intake questionnaire and talk to you about your child’s history, including their birth, past health concerns, prior therapy interventions, and academics when necessary. The assessment part of the first speech therapy sessions includes an oral peripheral examination and standardized speech and language evaluation. Then, we will discuss your child’s speech therapy services and create a plan that works to address their needs and achieve specific goals.

Your Child’s Personalized Therapy Plan

Every child who visits us is unique. We recognize that every therapy plan needs to be continually reassessed and updated to ensure children are achieving their goals. This dynamic therapy approach allows our speech pathologists and occupational therapists to provide your child with personalized resources and guidance that grows with them. We encourage parents to let us know of any concerns they may have, changes they have noticed, any details they receive from their child’s educators, or other information that may be relevant throughout the process. 

Get in Touch with the Uplift Therapy Center

Uplift Therapy Center provides pediatric occupational therapy and speech & language services. Our licensed and compassionate team members are here to support families and children of all ages. If you are not sure whether your child may benefit from our services, call us to schedule a free consultation. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.