Importance of Parent and Me Classes

As a parent, you know that few things are more rewarding than seeing your child happy. But….parenting is a lot of work! It can be stressful, confusing, and even isolating. It is very important to find a community of others who are going through the same things as you! Parent & me classes can be extremely helpful in connecting you with other parents of toddlers and professionals who can support you in your journey of parenthood. 

What are Parent and Me classes?

Parent & Me Classes typically consist of activities that serve to bond parent and child through creative expression, movement, and play! The overarching purpose of these classes is to strengthen and enrich the relationship between parent and child. Activities may include singing, story time, movement games, and arts and crafts. 

What are the benefits?

Beyond strengthening the parent-child relationship, Parent & Me classes have so many benefits.

  1. Connecting with other parents
    Parenting can feel lonely at times! These classes provide parents an opportunity to socialize with others who can be going through similar life changes. Many parents continue to connect even when classes are over. Growing a support system can be extremely helpful in lessening feelings of stress, loneliness, or isolations.
  2. Increases mobility, independence, and learn the importance of physical activity
    Physical movement during these classes helps babies and toddlers develop muscle strength, coordination, and balance. In addition to these skills, children learn that physical activity can be playful, fun, and improve connections!
  3. Encourages social skill development in toddlers
    This may be one of the first times your little one gets to play in a small group with other children! Being around other toddlers encourages the development of perspective taking, empathy, and sharing. There is truly something to be said about the “power of the peer” – when kids get together you may see improvements in language imitation, language skills, and creative thinking.
  4. Fosters communication skills
    The activities selected during Parent & Me classes offer naturalistic opportunities to foster your child’s communication skills. Singing, story-time, art, and play expose your child to new concepts and vocabulary words. They also facilitate your child’s ability to follow directions, communicate with their peers and parents, and develop play skills.
  5. Children get to explore their sensory systems in a safe environment
    Children get to explore all their senses during these classes- visual, auditory, movement, taste, smelling, and touch! Through music, they get to learn about their auditory systems. Snack or cooking? They get to learn about smell and taste. Art and movement? They get to explore their visual and vestibular systems and learn about their body in space. We all learn better when we engage our sensory systems, so this is a great way to encourage physical growth, cognitive skills, and other developmental aspects.


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