Benefits of Using a Vibration Board During Therapy Sessions

By Nicole Crisan, PT, DPT A vibration board uses whole body vibration that can be set to different frequencies depending on the child’s needs and goals. It can be used as an additional tool that can be integrated during a therapy session as it provides many benefits, ranging from improving balance, motor control, coordination mobility, […]

When to seek PT services

By Francesca Resurreccion PT, DPT Parenthood is a journey filled with joy, wonder, and sometimes, unexpected challenges. For some parents, the realization that their child may need additional support in the form of pediatric physical therapy services can be both daunting and confusing. However, seeking early intervention is crucial in addressing developmental concerns and ensuring […]

Should I Buy a Baby Walker?  

By Francesca Resurreccion PT, DPT As a pediatric physical therapist, parents often ask if baby walkers help babies take their first steps. I’m here to tell you, sadly, they don’t. Let’s look into it together.    To prepare for walking, babies need to meet several milestones:   Rolling   Prop sitting  Independent sitting  Army crawling on their tummy  […]