How Can Occupational Therapists Help Children On the Spectrum with Feeding?

By Deborah Lee MS, OTR/L Occupational therapy (OT) plays a crucial role in addressing various challenges that individuals, including children, face in their daily lives. When it comes to children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), feeding skills can often be affected due to sensory processing challenges and rigidity commonly associated with the condition. Children with […]

Tummy Time

By Erica Gliga MOT, OTR/L Tummy time is a foundational time for your infant to be on their tummy while awake.   Why is it important? While in utero, you might think about how your infant is growing in the fetal position, curled up in what is a flexed position. Tummy time helps the body […]

The Importance of Movement Breaks

By Christine Hemelians, MS, OTR/L Think back to your childhood and remember how common it was to hear the phrase “sit still and pay attention!” During my childhood, educators and parents alike, instilled the expectation for kids to sit without fidgeting or moving during learning activities. And if we were unable to, it was common […]

Age-Appropriate Chores and Tasks

By Kyla Cole, COTA/L Engaging young children in age-appropriate chores and tasks around the house not only instills a sense of responsibility but also promotes their overall development. These activities play a role in enhancing fine motor skills, coordination, sensory integration, and overall independence. Before assigning chores and tasks to young children, it’s important to […]

Parent Coaching

Occupational Therapy Parent Coaching

By Ani Oganesyan OTR/L How can you make the most out of your occupational therapy sessions? Simple, get involved in sessions! Parent involvement leads to even greater progress. Therapists can work with the parent and/or caregiver by using the parent coaching model. Occupational therapists are trained in using evidence-based therapeutic techniques, and providing interventions that […]

Happy Occupational Therapy Month! 

By Erica Gliga MOT, OTR/L April is here and with that, we celebrate all the wonderful things about occupational therapy and occupational therapy practitioners. This post is intended to provide a very brief glimpse into the history of occupational therapy. OT Over the Years Over 100 years ago, in 1917, occupational therapy was founded. Two […]